Celebrities supporting Maggie’s

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Helen Muir (Fundraising Manager), Dame Laura Lee (CEO) and Caroline Munro

At Maggies at The Royal Free

Money raised at CovCon

Bond Ladies at CovCon all signing for Maggie’s

Melita Clarke, Brigitte Millar, Vera Fossett, Carole Ashby, Martine Beswick, Alison Worth, Vanya Seager, Caroline Munro, Trina Parks, Beatrice Libert and Maryam D’Abo



Caroline’s 2024 Calendar

12 different photos from her wonderful career, signed on every page and where applicable adding her character name and film title!

All proceeds to Maggie’s

Follow this LINK to see all images and to purchase one…… or two……

Fill your boots, or in this case your Christmas stockings!


Fancy being a Maggie’s Little Hair Dyer throughout December 2023…. It’s simple just click on this LINK and make yourself a page!

Unlike our Skydiving appeal (see below) there is no minimum amount we ask you to raise, just dye or streak your hair/beard/goatee/moustache ORANGE for the 31 days of December and get sponsored.

Don’t forget if any of your sponsors pay tax to ask them to tick the GiftAid box so our Government add an extra 25%!!!


A chance of a lifetime awaits……

On Friday the 7th June 2024 at a restaurant in London

Maggie’s Little Helpers
is organising a Bond dinner!!!

Although you can choose your favourite Bond girl to sit next to (first come first pick!!) you are more than welcome to play ‘musical chairs’ throughout the dinner for selfies, chit chat and more selfies culminating in a group Bond selfie

We are expecting this evening to be very popular so if you have always wanted to sit next to Caroline or Martine you now have this amazing chance as limited tickets are on sale.

Tickets for this wonderful event can be booked above through our ‘Event Tickets’ link above.


Maggie’s Little Helpers has been passed the baton by CovCon and…..

A weekend with Caroline Munro and Friends

Saturday 8th June and Sunday 9th June 2024 

Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm

Maggie’s Cancer Centre

The Royal Free Hospital 

Pond Street, London NW3 2QG

In the coming days, weeks and months we will be adding some truly fabulous names from James Bond, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Hammer Horror and many more genres so you can get your photos, posters, DVD’s etc multi signed offering everyone value for money.

And the best news is 100% goes to Maggie’s

News of how to book tickets, photoshoots, prices and times guests will be signing on which day(s) coming soon

Caroline Munro (of course!!!)

Saturday (10am to 4pm)

See our ‘Events’ page for many more guests, their prices for signed items, photoshoots etc and times/days the guests will be with us


Fancy being a Maggie’s Little Skydiver on 7th April 2024…. It’s simple just click on this LINK and make yourself a page!

We ask you to raise through sponsorship at least £500 (£250 to the skydive company and £250 for Maggie’s)

Don’t forget if any of your sponsors pay tax to ask them to tick the GiftAid box so our Government add an extra 25%!!!


Carole Ashby and Mary Stavin

Patrick Wayne with Caroline

Thank you Phil – just need Sting for an ICONIC multi signed photo!

David Gooderson and Hacker T. Dog

John Leeson, Ollie, Chloe, Christopher Ryan and David Gooderson

The Tardis was designed by Chloe and was handmade out of knitted squares and sewn together by Chloe’s Little Helpers!!!!!!