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HUGE thanks to professional photographer Alex Maguire for allowing us to use his image of Queen Camilla the President of Maggie’s and CEO Dame Laura Lee outside Maggie’s Royal Free.

Queen Camilla officially opened Maggie’s Royal Free!


In 1977 Iconic photographer Terry O’Neill took this stunning photo of Caroline as part of a promotional photoshoot for James Bond.

In 2018 Caroline was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts.

Like millions of other people around the world her cancer journey began!

After her many treatments she was told about Maggie’s Cancer Centre at the Royal Free Hospital a cancer after care service which was local to her.

Caroline was overwhelmed emotionally with the help she received from the many services they offered ALL for FREE!

The heroic doctors took away her cancer and the heroic staff at Maggie’s little by little took away her anguish and fear and gave her back her sanity.

Caroline still pops in to say ‘Hi’ to the staff with tangerines for their fruitbowl and biscuits for their biscuit tin for any and all visitors to help themselves to while having a cup of tea! .

But as most of you now know Caroline and many of her celebrity friends are all coming for free to the weekend of 8/9th June event at Maggie’s to sign your photos and memorabila with ALL proceeds going to Maggie’s Royal Free.

Maggie’s Little Helpers ask that when you pass Caroline’s table on Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th you purchase for £20 a colour or black and white Terry O’Neill photo which Caroline will sign and dedicate for you. You will also get a free selfie of Caroline and yourself with Caroline proudly holding your signed photo which we all hope you will put on your Facebook or/and any other social media you use to spread the word!



Maggie’s Little Helpers has been passed the baton by CovCon and…..

A weekend AUTOGRAPH event with Caroline Munro and Friends

Saturday 8th June and Sunday 9th June 2024 

Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm

Maggie’s Cancer Centre

The Royal Free Hospital 

Pond Street, London NW3 2QG

On Saturday 8th June there will be a James Bond, ‘Allo ‘Allo!, Hammer Horror and Poirot reunion as well as many more guests.

On Sunday 9th June there will be a Star Wars and Doctor Who reunion as well as many more guests.

At approximately 1.45pm on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th all the morning guests and afternoon guests will have a group photo outside Maggie’s taken by a professional photographer!

If anyone would like to be part of the photo after the professional photographer has done his thing you can be!

For £100 you can be part of a once in a lifetime photo !!!

Please note :

You will have to get someone to take the photo of you with your phone/camera as the professional photographer is only there for the guest group shot

As always all the monies raised will benefit Maggie’s Royal Free!


Click below for photos of our guests

Saturday AND Sunday signing

Lana Wood (James Bond, Peyton Place) – Saturday AND Sunday (10am to 6pm both days)
Caroline Munro (James Bond, Hammer Horror) – Saturday AND Sunday (10am to 6pm both days)
C. Andrew Nelson (Star Wars) – Saturday AND Sunday (10am to 6pm both days)
Carl Toop (Aliens) – Saturday AND Sunday (10am to 6pm both days)
Catherine Schell (James Bond, Doctor Who, Space; 1999) – Saturday AND Sunday (10am to 6pm both days)
Tina Simmons (Star Wars and Bond) Saturday AND Sunday (2pm to 6pm both days)


Saturday Only signing (10am to 2pm)

Martine Beswick (Bond, Hammer Horror)
Judy Matheson (Hammer Horror)
Pauline Peart (Hammer Horror, Carry On)
Alison Worth (James Bond)
Carole Ashby (James Bond, ‘Allo ‘Allo)
Vanya Seager (James Bond)
Melita Clarke (Space: 1999, James Bond, Harry Potter)
Suzanne Heimer (Space: 1999, James Bond)
Paul Barton (Space: 1999, Doctor Who, Star Wars)
Susan Hampshire (The Forsyte Saga, Living Free)
Hugh Fraser (Poirot)
Pauline Moran (Poirot)
Philip Jackson (Poirot)


Saturday Only signing (2pm to 6pm)

Valerie Leon (James Bond, Hammer Horror, Carry On)
Brigitte Millar (Bond and Harry Potter)
Julian Glover (James Bond, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones)
Isla Blair (Hammer Horror, Doctor Who)
Ross Mullan (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who)
Janina Faye (Hammer Horror, The Day of the Triffids)
Marianne Morris (Vampyres, Beasts)
Susan Jameson (Doctor Who, I, Monster)
Richard Gibson (‘Allo ‘Allo!)
Francesca Gonshaw (‘Allo ‘Allo!)
Vicki Michelle (‘Allo ‘Allo!)
John D. Collins (‘Allo ‘Allo!)
Nicholas Frankau (‘Allo ‘Allo!)
Vicki Michelle (‘Allo ‘Allo!)
Guy Siner (‘Allo ‘Allo!, Doctor Who)
Phil Davis (Quadrophenia, Doctor Who)
Garry Cooper (Quadrophenia, Caravaggio)


Sunday Only signing (10am to 2pm)

Madeline Smith (James Bond, Hammer Horror, Carry On)
Eileen Roberts (Star Wars and James Bond)
David Stone (Star Wars)
Gloria Garcia (Star Wars)
Richard Stride (Star Wars)
Tim Dry (Star Wars)
Victor Botha (Star Wars)
Ralph Morse (Star Wars, Doctor Who)
Lesley Scoble (Village of the Damned)
Teri Scoble (Village of the Damned)
Jeremy Gittins (Doctor Who, Keeping Up Appearances)
William Gaunt (Doctor Who, The Champions)
Chris Bunn (Star Wars)
Paul Bazely (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Benidorm)


Sunday Only signing (2pm to 6pm)

Jonathan Cass (Star Wars)
Danny D’Arcy (Star Wars)
Andy Abbott (Star Wars)
David Cheung (Star Wars)
Ross Sambridge (Star Wars)
Paul Jerricho (Star Wars, Doctor Who)
Daniel Eghan (Star Wars)
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo (Star Wars)
Jack McKenzie (Star Wars)
Lucy Feng (Star Wars)
Sarvesh Pattni (Star Wars)
Mick Cobb (Star Wars)
Ty Hurley (Star Wars)
Matt Beauman-Jones (Star Wars) – FIRST TIME SIGNER!!!
Liz Ansari (Star Wars)
Linda Clarke (Doctor Who)
Colin Spaull (Doctor Who)
Jessica Martin (Doctor Who)
David Gooderson (Doctor Who)
Christopher Ryan (Doctor Who, The Young Ones)
Danny Webb (Doctor Who, Alien 3)
Michael Kilgarriff (Doctor Who, The Dark Crystal)
David Bulbeck (Doctor Who, Little Shop of Horrors)
Nathan Pegler (Doctor Who, James Bond)


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Updated with all the latest news about Maggie’s Little Helpers fundraising weekend (8/9th June) for Maggie’s Cancer Centre at The Royal Free Hospital and with over 60 guests attending, signing photos and memorabila for you ALL at affordable prices. It’s going to be a corker!!!

And selfies, ALL at £10 each.

Click HERE


If you would like to be part of this event, tickets are only £10 for each day!!!!

And ALL autographs will be kept at an affordable price!

SATURDAY 8th, MOST autographs are £15, £10 for selfie

10 autographs £100, can be used for different guests!!!

SUNDAY 9th, MOST autographs are £10, £10 for selfie

20 autographs £100, can be used for different guests!!!


Each guest table 10″ x 8″ photo carries a £5 donation to Maggie’s

So either bring your own photos to be signed or help Maggie’s with donations!!

ALL revenue will go to Maggie’s!


Maggie’s Little Helpers are chuffed to bits to welcome Alistair Guy as our official photographer



Julian will be signing on Saturday 8th June between 2pm and 6pm

His autograph price will be £20 and is not in the 10 for £100 deal


Carl will be signing on both days between 10am to 6pm

His autograph price will be £20 and is not in the £100 deals


Paul will be signing on Sunday 9th June between 2pm and 6pm

His autograph price will be £25 and is not in the £100 deal


For more information about Maggie’s

Helen Muir (Fundraising Manager), Dame Laura Lee (CEO) and Caroline Munro

At Maggies at The Royal Free

Money raised at CovCon

Bond Ladies at CovCon all signing for Maggie’s

Melita Clarke, Brigitte Millar, Vera Fossett, Carole Ashby, Martine Beswick, Alison Worth, Vanya Seager, Caroline Munro, Trina Parks, Beatrice Libert and Maryam D’Abo


Caroline Munro (of course!!!)

Saturday (10am to 6pm) and Sunday (10am to 6pm)


Fancy being a Maggie’s Little Skydiver on 7th April 2024…. It’s simple just click on this LINK and make yourself a page!

We ask you to raise through sponsorship at least £500 (£300 to the skydive company and £200 for Maggie’s)

Don’t forget if any of your sponsors pay tax to ask them to tick the GiftAid box so our Government add an extra 25%!!!


Carole Ashby and Mary Stavin

Patrick Wayne with Caroline

Thank you Phil – just need Sting for an ICONIC multi signed photo!

David Gooderson and Hacker T. Dog

John Leeson, Ollie, Chloe, Christopher Ryan and David Gooderson

The Tardis was designed by Chloe and was handmade out of knitted squares and sewn together by Chloe’s Little Helpers!!!!!!